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Clinical Support Services and Medicine-On-Time are now CSS Health
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Discover how CSS Health’s integrated approach to population health and medication management delivers stronger outcomes both for patients and for your bottom line.


Strategies for Improving Population Health


CSS Health gives your plan essential resources to improve the wellness and safety of members while identifying opportunities for financial savings. Pharmacist-informed services ensure safe and effective medication regimens. Skilled nurses and clinical staff perform member outreach, helping them make smart, proactive choices. And, pharmacist-approved, low-cost medication alternatives reduce unnecessary costs while helping your members achieve their best health.


Your commitment to quality and value should be more than a “check the box” program. CSS Health’s MTMPath™ software platform and our team of experienced management, account support, and clinicians improve patient outcomes while controlling costs. Our Part D MTM program ensures regulatory compliance, financial ROI, and STAR rating improvements. We even enable extension of MTM programs to non-MTM eligible members.


CSS Health, through Medicine-On-Time, simplifies and synchronizes prescriptions with each detachable dose cup containing the exact medications the patient needs, clearly marked with name, contents, and the precise time to take them. Clear labelling ensures that patients receive proper treatments, with easy-to-follow color-coded cards and patient follow-up to ensure compliance.

Discover how CSS Health’s combination of innovative technology and human outreach can help you achieve better patient outcomes, manages costs, and improve STAR ratings


Stronger Patient Outcomes for a Healthier Bottom Line

Fast, accurate analysis of patient data is key to controlling costs and closing gaps in care. CSS Health helps clients delve deeper into patient populations and identify areas to improve medication adherence. This comprehensive approach delivers the insights necessary to manage risk/reward assumptions, improve patient outcomes, minimize unnecessary expenses, and generate income through STAR ratings.

CSS Health’s advanced data technology helps organizations track trends and automate regulatory compliance reports. And we continually improve our solutions and services based on real-world health care experience and our customers’ needs. This powerful combination enables our customers to close gaps in coverage, comply with government regulations, and identify and address areas for improvement.

CSS Health builds solutions around your specialized needs, regardless of the size or depth of infrastructure. Outsource your entire MTM program or leverage our clinical team to enhance your existing expertise. Use our software to streamline operations or let us help you virtually expand your network of MTM clinicians. Our customer-centric approach supports your patients’ – and your – success by empowering you to purchase what you need today, adding future options as your needs grow and evolve.

See how CSS Health’s unique combination of people, processes and technology deliver unmatched results that strengthen the health of your business through a smarter, more personal approach to medication management.

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