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Third Party Administrators

White label patient adherence and medication management cost control for TPAs supporting self-insured organizations

CSS Health provides essential expense management for TPAs, reducing medication spend by improving adherence and eliminating duplicate or unnecessary therapies. CSS Health’s technology platform and advanced MTM services help TPAs do what they do best – serve as the eyes and ears for their customers, ensuring quality patient outcomes while generating substantial savings wherever practical.

Powerful Automated Cost Control

TPAs routinely provide MTM and similar services as core operations. However, these services need to operate as cost-efficiently as possible. CSS Health’s 19 years of MTM experience helps payers and PBMs deliver advanced adherence and other offerings through intuitive, market-leading applications that cost little in terms of infrastructure or personnel to operate.

CSS Health’s software solutions operate across the full range of claims information with powerful, intuitive applications that unify and replace manual systems or multiple offerings from multiple vendors. These premium capabilities support TPAs of all sizes, with the latest features quickly deployed with minimal disruption to normal daily operations.

Adherence and More

CSS Health helps TPAs do more than fine-tune medication delivery. The same solutions that drive individualized medication management also create opportunities for revenue generation through HEDIS and STAR measure improvement.

CSS Health also maintains a nationwide pharmacy network that includes more than 5000 locations, with preferential pricing and both in-network and out-of-network premium options. Many locations offer medication delivery or patient transportation, with mail-order delivery available as another alternative to in-person pickup. TPAs regularly use CSS Health’s analytics to identify patients taking brand-name drugs rather than lower-cost generics, then switch the therapy to save money for both the customer and the patient.

Detailed Data, Privacy Protections

CSS Health’s technology platform conforms to all state, federal, and industry regulations regarding the collection and distribution of personally identifiable information (PII). Manufacturers receive essential information without having to worry about privacy violations or other issues that commonly surround sensitive patient information.

Focus resources on wellness and profitability, not IT or data processing

CSS Health’s TPA solutions scale to millions of patients, with comprehensive support for changing industry, state, and federal regulations. TPA customers receive intuitive information to manage population health more effectively, white-labeled under the TPA’s brand, without the TPA or the client having to incur the complexity or expense of developing similar systems in-house.

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