The more medications your members are prescribed, the higher the chance that associated costs are increasing. These costs come from both expensive care regimens and additional, preventable care after a dangerous medication interaction. With all the medications being prescribed, it’s difficult to track allergies, drug-drug interactions, and even lower-cost alternatives, such as generic drugs.


iDeal Therapy is a Medication Management supplemental solution that helps you realize your full savings potential by recommending that your members’ physicians switch them to lower-cost prescription drug alternatives—such as a generic equivalent. Just like our Medication Management solutions, iDeal Therapy is grounded in clinical information, which means that all care recommendations are safe and appropriate. We are pharmacists, nurses, and clinical staff, and we know prescription medications.


This solution functions similarly to Medication Management programs, looking closely at your members’ medication regimen. iDeal Therapy works seamlessly in the background, checking member medications for dangerous interactions, potential allergies, and low-cost alternatives. By using iDeal Therapy—alone or in addition to your Medication Management program—you are quickly and efficiently transforming your members’ data into clinically-informed recommendations for better care.