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Self Insured Employers

Wellness quality metric management through adherence across complex treatment regimens, specialty drug management, and pharmacogenomic patient treatment customization

CSS Health’s medication management solutions for self-insured organizations save money, improve outcomes, and increase employee satisfaction by quickly identifying members who might be likely to incur unusual expenses due to complex medication regimens, poor adherence, or chronic diseases. This ability to concentrate on employees with the highest potential for exceptional or ongoing costs gives employers the ability to intervene proactively before minor concerns become major health crises.

Powerful Data Analytics to Drive Higher Compliance with Lower Costs

National commercial payors, as well as Medicare and Medicaid plans, rely on CSS Health’s technology medication management for their member populations. These same advanced, cost-effective solutions now come configured for the specialized needs of self-insured businesses.

CSS Health’s population data segmentation technology covers pharmacy, medical, and lab claims. Advanced analytics focus quickly and automatically on high-expense conditions with low treatment compliance rates such as diabetes, heart diseases, and respiratory ailments, uncovering potential areas for more effective treatment. Self-insured organizations also use these insights to minimize expenses by minimizing hospital stays and eliminating duplicate or unnecessary treatments.

Simplified Medication Regimens

Complicated treatment schedules easily challenge employees and their caregivers. CSS Health helps employees follow their treatments more easily through individually configurable, color-coded daily blister-packs that separate treatments by day and time. We deliver these medications through a national pharmacy network that also features a wide selection of lower-cost generic medications plus local stores, in-person and mail order delivery, and advanced wellness and health screening services.

Specialty Medication & Behavioral Health

CSS Health empowers self-insured organizations to monitor and manage adherence for the populations that drive the highest costs – both today and into the future. These insights provide guidance for spending control across chronic conditions such as hepatitis C HIV, RA, heart disease, and diabetes, and includes active coaching for specialty medications.

CSS Health also maintains cutting-edge partnerships to deliver the latest pharmacogenomics technology. This scalable platform minimizes high-cost, high-touch programs by evaluating pharacogenomic treatments for each at-risk employee to determine how individual genetics might impact treatment and drug interactions across their medication regimen.

Happier, More Productive Employees

CSS Health supplements advanced adherence analytics with proactive outreach helps employees feel valued as individuals. Access to lower-cost generic drugs and wellness services defray often frightening medication expenses. Person-to-person contact reassures members that someone cares, especially among the newly ill and populations with complicated conditions. The result is happier, healthier employees, and higher productivity due to lower absenteeism.

Flexible Configurations for Organizations of All Sizes

Whether turnkey outsourced offerings or supplemental programs for targeted operational needs, CSS Health tailors its solutions for each self-insured customer. For more information on our commercial plan products and services, click on the links below.

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