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Pharmacy Solutions

Individually prepared medication compliance packaging for complicated drug regimens that help pharmacies generate healthier patient outcomes and a stronger bottom line

CSS Health’s Compliance Packaging solutions improve speed, accuracy, and service when building blister packs for customized medication regimens. These advanced, automated systems enable pharmacies to deliver highly personalized medication services at a fraction of the cost of other systems.

Improve Medication Adherence
Color-coded by day and separated by dosing time, CSS Health’s Compliance Packaging solutions help patients follow complex medication regimens by simplifying the treatment process. These systems make it easier for patients and caregivers to know which medicines to take and when to take them, leading to higher adherence rates and successful patient outcomes.

These innovations help improve patient experience by removing social limitations on care such as medication use, language barriers, and literacy challenges. Other features include a bar-code and patient photo on each label ensures the right treatment for each individual.

Grow Your Customer Base and Differentiate from Competitors
CSS Health originated when pharmacists decided that existing products and services needed to be enhanced to help pharmacies improve patient outcomes and profitability. Our Compliance Packaging solutions provide an easily installed, easy-to-use system that includes workstation, integrated software, and board-approved packaging materials for safe, accurate medication delivery. Robust workflow software accommodates even the most challenging and complex dose schedules, with seamless integration with most of the industry’s top pharmacy management systems.


Robust Support, Rapid Results
CSS Health brings pharmacies up to speed quickly with turnkey medication management solutions that include comprehensive on-site training for pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and operating staff. We even provide marketing and promotional/instructional materials. This integrated approach to compliance packaging improves patient refill rates.

Report, form, and label printing, delivered through CSS Health’s adherence and patient management software, streamlines business management and regulatory documentation for facility operators, administrators, care givers, pharmacies and governmental agencies. Annual service agreements ensure software updates and reliable ongoing operations.

By providing a unified platform for an appointment-based medication adherence pharmacy business model, CSS Health helps pharmacies service both home-based and facility-based patient populations. Detailed patient management features visibility into essential pharmacy operational metrics, such as patient prescriber and caregiver relationships, patient medication synchronization and adherence, and pharmacy inventory management.

Flexible Configurations for Organizations of All Sizes
CSS Health’s Compliance Packaging solutions deliver a smarter, faster, more cost-effective way to improve efficiency and reduce workplace stress. Even better these systems help pharmacies of all sizes prepare medication regimens faster, with fewer errors. Contact your CSS Health representative to find out how our comprehensive medication adherence solutions can help your organization work both faster and smarter.