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Data-driven advanced practice services that increase revenue and expand access to payors and accountable care organizations

Mergers among larger pharmacy chains and vertical integration across health care providers complicate the bottom line for independent pharmacies who rely on traditional dispensing services. CSS Health’s Advanced Practice Network helps community pharmacies increase revenue and reduce costs through services ordinarily available only to regional or national organizations.

Built to Help Pharmacies Compete

CSS Health’s Advanced Practice Network costs nothing to join. That’s right – nothing. In return, local pharmacies gain access to two critical competitive advantages:

  • Profitable clinical services offerings designed and delivered through CSS Health
  • Access to local and regional payor and accountable care organizations seeking local resources to offer these services to members in rural and underserved areas

Participating pharmacies pay only for the services they contract to deliver. CSS Health helps with the design, training, and administration of these offerings. CSS Health also receives data on services participation and performance to help payors and ACOs proactively identify at-risk members and manage their health issues more effectively.

Increase Store Traffic and Customer Loyalty

Non-dispensing revenue streams are essential as healthcare reimbursement moves from a fee-for-service towards models based on value outcomes for each payment. By providing these services, pharmacists gain both new revenue opportunities as well as additional reasons for patients to remain loyal to their local pharmacies.

Grow Profitably with Other CSS Health Pharmacy Management Innovations

CSS Health’s Advanced Practice Network is only one of multiple offerings designed to help pharmacies. Other popular offerings include the ability to control costs and ensure better patient outcomes through:

• Rapid identification of at-risk patient due to complex therapies, poor adherence, or chronic disease
• Elimination of duplicate or unnecessary treatments
• Deliver of individually configurable, color-coded by-day blister packs to simplify complicated medication regimens
• Telehealth outreach to improve outcomes by coaching patients on proper adherence

Flexible Configurations for Pharmacy Organizations of All Sizes

CSS Health tailors its solutions for each pharmacy customer.

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