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Powerful adherence data resources for medication manufacturers seeking to expand and fine-tune market value for their products

Pharmaceutical companies routinely receive information detailing a medication’s prescription volume. However, a prescription issued doesn’t mean that the medication gets purchased or consumed. CSS Health delivers real-world adherence data for manufacturers, including detailed information on the level of patient support needed to complete therapy and overall outcome qualities.

Essential Information for Pharmaceutical Marketing

Branded drugs need to justify higher prices – and higher profit margins for manufacturers – by proving greater efficacy and healthier results. CSS Health’s advanced analytics collects information from pharmacy, payer and ACO organizations to deliver detailed profiles of how medications perform in the real world.

Adherence and More

CSS Health helps manufacturers fine-tune medication delivery. For example, if data indicates poor treatment completion rates for a hepatitis C medication, the manufacturer may choose to change the delivery mechanism to simplify usage, based on patient, payor, and caregiver information gathered by CSS Health.

Typical datasets include:
• Adherence rates across customer-specified demographic groups
• Disease severity and progression
• Patient outcomes
• Cost effects on adherence and outcome
• Coaching/outreach needed to ensure compliance
• Prescription rates compared to other similar medications
• Patient outcomes compared to other similar medications

Detailed Data, Privacy Protections

CSS Health’s technology platform conforms to all state, federal, and industry regulations regarding the collection and distribution of personally identifiable information (PII). Manufacturers receive essential information without having to worry about privacy violations or other issues that commonly surround sensitive patient information.

Flexible Configurations for Pharmacy Organizations of All Sizes

Given the highly specific nature of these analyses, CSS Health tailors its solutions for each pharmaceutical manufacturing customer. Contact your CSS Health representative for more information.

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