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Pharmacy Network

Pharmacy Network to Provide Dispensing Adjacent and Clinical Services

The pharmacist is one of the most accessed and trusted clinicians in the health care delivery system. More and more patients are turning to pharmacies and pharmacists for more than dispensing services.

CSS Health’s Advanced Practice Network (APN) includes pharmacy practices nationwide. Unlike traditional pharmacy networks the APN is a network of both pharmacies and pharmacists actively engaged in providing dispensing adjacent (e.g. compliance packaging) and clinical (e.g. medication reconciliation, PGx testing and consults) services.

Better Outcomes

Many times ambulatory pharmacists and community pharmacists are in the best position to engage patients and gain commitment to evidence based health care behaviors. The CSS Health APN coordinates disparate pharmacies and pharmacists to engage patients and improve health outcomes.

For more information on how CSS Health’s APN can help your organization, your members, and your employees improve the quality of their health care, message us using our contact form.


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