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MTMPath Adds New Features

MTMPath is THE pharmacist electronic health record – designed by pharmacists for pharmacists (Read about MTMPath’s complete feature set here).  Used by clinical pharmacists in all care environments – managed, ambulatory, community and long-term care.  CSS is continuously working to update and evolve MTMPath to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of clinical pharmacists.  Here are a few of the updates that we have rolled out since the beginning of the year.

 Task Manager

Task Manager is the tool that pharmacists use to track their work.  Task Manager allows you to plan a patient’s course of care and follow-up and make sure that you are interacting with you patients at appropriate intervals.

Task manager has been updated with a new modern look and functionality.  New task filtering allows the clinician to filter the task list by task type, status, clinical program or clinician.  In addition, now you can expand a task to get a quick view of the your patient and the recent clinical activity that has taken place without going into the patient chart.  Most importantly, the MTMPath Task Manager brings the most urgent tasks to the top of your list so you address the most critical cases first.

Multiple Clinical Programs

MTMPath allows the clinician to run multiple clinical programs in one account.  This provides you and your team with a holistic view of clinical activity for a patients 












MTMPath allows you to configure any clinical protocol into a clinical program so you can manage disease (Diabetes, CKD), event (transitions), problem (opioid) and utilization (formulary alignment) focused programs all out of one platform.

Updated Medication Record

On of the most used pieces of MTMPath functionality is the medication record, so it has to be comprehensive but easy to use.

Updates to the medication record include:

  • Diagnosis.  Associate both an ICD-10 and patient friendly diagnosis with each medication record.  
  • Medication Possession Ratio.  MTMPath calculates a MPR for each chronic medication so you can tell at a glance if the medication is being used as directed (requires pharmacy claims or dispensing data).
  • Fill History.  MTMPath displays the fill history for each medication along with the medication record so you can see at a glance when and where the medication is being filled.

Updated Programs Tab

This update is especially important update for pharmacists who are running an Medicare Part D MTM program.  MTMPath allows you to configure rules to identify patients for your clinical programs.

Now when a patient has been identified using one of these rules you will be able to see how each component of the rule was met.  In a Medicare Part D program this is critical for program monitoring and data validation.

Pharmacogenomics (PGx)

PGx tests are becoming as critical to understanding the appropriateness of drug therapy as traditional chemistries.  Now the MTMPath patient chart allows you to record a patients PGx test results.

In addition, the CSS Health clinical team has written a number of evidence based clinical rules that guide pharmacists in making clinical recommendations to patients and providers based on drug – gene combinations.

These are only a few of updates and new features to MTMPath over the last little while.  For a more complete tour of the MTMPath platform contact us for a web demo.

Best – Jim

James Notaro, RPh, PhD
Founder and Chief Clinical Officer

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