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Medicaid Plans

Improve HEDIS measures and control costs through a holistic suite of medication management solutions

By definition, Medicaid plans must focus on chronic illnesses across frail and fragile populations, which places a premium on any plan’s ability to minimize expenses. CSS Health’s Medicaid solutions help drive better member outcomes and improve HEDIS measures through a powerful combination of data-driven medication management technologies and direct person-to-person member outreach.

Powerful Data Analytics to Drive Higher Percentages of Daily Compliance

CSS Health’s population data segmentation technology includes pharmacy, medical, and lab claims to identify members who might be likely to incur unusual expenses due to complex medication regimens, poor adherence, or chronic disease. Our solutions focus quickly and automatically on chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart diseases, and respiratory ailments. As a result, Medicaid plans gain critical treatment insights that reduce costs by eliminating redundant or inappropriate therapies while simultaneously helping ensure that PDC rates reach 80% or higher.

Configurable Packaging and Person-to-Person Adherence Follow-Up

Adherence is essential for high performance according to HEDIS measures. Our individually configurable packaging systems use color-coded, by-day blister-packs to make it easier for members and caregivers to follow complicated regimens. Telehealth outreach services supplement these offerings by coaching members on how to follow their medication regimens and monitoring their progress.

Improved Member Satisfaction

CSS Health’s proactive outreach programs help people and their families feel valued. Access to lower-cost generic drugs and wellness services defray often frightening medication expenses. Person-to-person contact reassures members that someone cares, especially among the newly ill and populations with complicated conditions. The result is happier, healthier members, and greater satisfaction with their Medicaid plan.

Flexible Configurations for Organizations of All Sizes

Whether turnkey outsourced offerings or supplemental programs for targeted operational needs, CSS Health tailors its solutions for each Medicare plan customer. For more information on our Medicare-specific products and services, click on the links below.

MTM Medicaid

Improve Profitability by Reducing Costs Across Complex Disease Treatments

Enhanced Adherence Programs

Improve outcomes, reduce costs, and improve Star ratings by preventing end-of-year drop-off in adherence


Smart™ Automated CMR and Person-to-Person Adherence Services Reduce Costs, Increase Margins, and Free Staff for Non-Administrative Tasks

MTM Self-Insured

Smart™ Automated CMR and Person-to-Person Adherence Services Reduce Costs, Increase Margins, and Free Staff for Non-Administrative Tasks

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