Just Launched: Program Selection & Assessment Type

We’re excited to announce several new enhancements to MTMPath which will enable us to better manage your program data.

Program Selection on Contact Info section of the Patient Chart

From now on, when you create a contact record for a Patient, you’ll be required to select an associated program. This new drop-down box will populate with all the programs for which a patient is currently actively enrolled.If the patient is only enrolled in one program, that program will automatically be selected. If they’re not active in any particular program or the contact is not related to the available Programs in the list, you’ll be able to choose Other. It’s very important to use this field correctly so that we can begin to correctly associate contact attempts with a given program.


Assessment Type selection

We typically use two types of assessments in MTMPath: Comprehensive assessments which typically involve an interview with a patient and Targeted assessments which do not. Historically, we’ve used our clinical rules engine to determine whether a given assessment was considered Comprehensive (CMR) or Targeted (TMR).

Moving forward, we’re giving our users more control by requiring user selection of the assessment type. This change will allow us to track intent before an assessment is finished, and will enable us to report on assessments that may need additional criteria to be completed.

If you do not feel that the Comprehensive or Targeted options apply, you may choose Other. Administrators will be able to set a default type for a given assessment in order to minimize clicks. If you’d like to utilize a default setting, please contact your CSS Account Manager.

We’re excited to be able to share these changes with you. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your CSS Account Manager.


Jake Woodward

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