CMS Reveals Cut Points for Medicare Part D CMR Rate Measure

Is Your CMR Rate Worth of a Five STAR Rating?

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services recently shared their much-anticipated CMR rate cut points (p. 67) that will affect STAR Ratings for Medicare Part D Plans in 2017.

With higher than expected ranges (36.2% for MA-PD plans to achieve a 3 STAR Rating!) some Plans will need to act quickly to improve their CMR Rates and achieve their STAR Rating goals.

MA-PD <13.6% ≥13.6% to <36.2% ≥36.2% to <48.6% ≥48.6% to <76.0% ≥76.0%
PDP <8.5% ≥8.5% to <16.6% ≥16.6% to <27.2% ≥27.2% to <36.7% ≥36.7%

With less than three months to go in the year, CSS can help you achieve your targeted CMR rate:

CMRBooster Service

CSS offers a CMRBooster program where CSS clinicians and MTM specialists deploy non-traditional tactics to engage MTM-eligible members who have not yet been engaged by the Plan’s existing MTM program.

Changing MTM Vendors Is Not Required
Plans who are not currently CSS clients can also take advantage of the CMRBooster program as it can be run independently from a Plan’s traditional MTM program.

There’s Still Time
CSS’ team of clinicians and MTM specialists are capable of implementing a CMRBooster program quickly to improve CMR rates before the end of the calendar year.

Thinking about next year?
CSS can manage your Medicare Part D MTM Program for the 2016 program year, setting your targeted CMR rate from the start.

Contact CSS today to learn more.


Jake Woodward

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