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Accountable Care Organizations

Reduce medical expenditures and improve outcomes by connecting ACOs, physicians, and members in an integrated wellness system

Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) rely on the health of their members in order to generate revenue. CSS Health provides a full spectrum of medication management technology solutions for ACOs, supplemented by person-to-person outreach, to help ACOs improve member health and provider communication, even across complex and chronic diseases.

Powerful Data Analytics to Drive Wellness

ACOs receive flat amounts of payment for each member served, with additional rewards based on positive patient outcomes. The key to this business model is rapid recognition of at-risk populations, enabling rapid intervention to ensure compliance and prevent minor situations from becoming major crises requiring hospitalization.

CSS Health’s population data segmentation technology covers pharmacy, medical, and lab claims. Advanced analytics focus quickly and automatically on high-expense conditions with low treatment compliance rates such as diabetes, heart diseases, and respiratory ailments, uncovering potential areas for more effective treatment. ACOs also use these insights to minimize hospital stays due to poor medication compliance and to eliminate duplicate or unnecessary treatments.

A Strategic Approach to Fee-For-Value

Complex, chronic diseases represent revenue opportunities for ACOs. They also increase financial risk, since these conditions by definition represent treatment and outcome challenges. CSS Health’s solutions give ACOs the data-driven information to make balanced decisions on which risk groups represent revenue opportunities, as well as how best to improve outcomes for these members.

CSS Health streamlines communications between the ACO and physicians to generate lower-cost, high-impact clinical interventions for at risk members. This proactive ability to optimize patient outcomes helps ACOs maximize their return on investment (ROI).

Simplified Medication Regimens

CSS Health makes it easier for ACO members to adhere to complicated treatment schedules through individually configurable, color-coded daily blister-packs that separate treatments by day and time. We deliver these medications through a national pharmacy network that also features a wide selection of lower-cost generic medications plus local stores, in-person and mail order delivery, and advanced wellness and health screening services.

Wellcare, Not Sickcare

CSS Health supplements advanced adherence analytics with proactive outreach to improve that members take all medications, on the preferred schedule. This personal touch also provides additional insights into members who need additional support in order to maintain their overall wellness.

Flexible Configurations for Organizations of All Sizes

Whether turnkey outsourced offerings or supplemental programs for targeted operational needs, CSS Health tailors its solutions for each ACO customer. For more information on our commercial plan products and services, click on the links below.

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