Self-Insured Employers

We work with you.

Self-insured employers understand the great weight (and, at times, expense) that comes with taking responsibility for their employees’ health. CSS offers many Medication Management solutions that work with your program to improve your success—both lowering costs and increasing wellness.

We provide clinical support.

A Medication Management program will help you make sure that your employees’ medications are safe, effective, and cost-conscious. Using our solutions, you can use pharmacist-informed algorithms to check for lower-cost alternatives, while checking for unsafe drug-drug interactions and allergies. Our solutions are easy to use, and require little administrative support.

We help your business succeed.

When your employees are well, they are present and productive at work. By engaging Medication Management efforts, you are proactively helping your employees and their families achieve their best health, which will lower absenteeism and increase productivity. When employees and their families are healthy, they are happy; they will thank you for taking care of them.