We’re pharmacists, too.

Of all healthcare providers, pharmacists often have the most interaction with patients. Pharmacists are intimately acquainted with their patients’ medication regimen, and, at times, are the first to know if there are any red flags, such as drug-drug interaction, non-adherence, or socio-economic barriers to care. CSS is founded and staffed by pharmacists. We understand the pharmacist’s privileged position in delivering care.

We give you the tools.

Because pharmacists are often know their patients’ medication regimens inside and out, they see opportunities for care improvement. Many pharmacists want to offer Medication Management (or MTM) to their patients. Through our licensing MTM model, CSS makes this possible. We’ll provide you with the software, and as much or as little clinical support as you want.

We make it work for you.

Our software is pharmacist-informed—it was made with you in mind! We will provide you with a custom SOAP format to meet your specific program needs and goals. Further, we give you the option of creating your own recommendations in the system, or letting us build them for you. Whether you are performing MTM as part of an employee wellness initiative, to generate cost savings, or simply to improve the health of your patients, CSS’s software will work for you.