Paul Harder, MBA

Chief Executive Officer

Paul is an accomplished executive who, due to his commitment to innovation, ability to formulate effective management teams, and keen insight into business processes and industry trends, has revolutionized several manufacturing ventures. In addition to his work with legacy companies, he has lent his management expertise to developing new and emerging businesses through private equity investment funds he has helped administer. His work is evidence of his commitment to reestablish the Western New York community as an economic force.

Paul’s career began at Niagara Trading Co., an importer of food products from Asia, where he received many opportunities for international travel. Since then, Paul has gained a great deal of experience and expertise, serving as executive staff at businesses such as Bufkor, Inc., Auto Radiator Sales, Inc. (ARS), Ford Motor Co., and Cliffstar Corp.. Paul has a talent for helping businesses restructure and grow.

Paul serves as the CEO of CSS, as well as Managing Partner in CHEPII, LLC, a private equity investment firm and Chairman at Simulated Surgical Systems.