A Message from Amy Biber Collson, Marketing & Communications Specialist

Marketing is, by leaps and bounds, the most fun team at CSS. (I’m confident that this is a wholly unbiased fact…) It is the perfect marriage of medical, pharmaceutical, and program knowledge (or, the technical stuff) and creativity. Marketing is at the foreground of everything; there’s never time for things to get stale. Whenever and wherever something new is happening, Marketing is there.

Most importantly, the Marketing team has the privilege of being CSS’s voice. This company is packed full of expert-level professionals. Marketing ensures that their message reaches our audience, and that our staff and solutions are showcased in the best way. Put simply, if you’re reading it, we probably wrote and designed it. What better way to spend your workday than celebrating your company and coworkers?

To summarize: Marketing at CSS is not for the faint of heart, but it is super fun and rewarding.