FAQs for CSS MTM Software

Q: I am a pharmacist and a network provider for other MTM vendors. I use their software(s) when MTM reviews are assigned to me by the MTM vendors. I want to start my own MTM program out of my pharmacy.  Can I use your software to do this?

A: Yes; you can license the MTMPath software to provide your own MTM program, whatever that may look like.  In our software, you can work through a SOAP note to document patient information, generate gaps in care, and produce action plans for both the patient and their physician.  MTMPath can also take in data from your dispensing software, if you have the capacity to send files.


Q: If I don’t have internet access, can I do offline work in MTMPath, such as data entry, and have the information link up once I have an internet connection?

A: No; the MTMPath software is wholly web-based.  In order to access MTMPath, you must have an internet connection.


Q: Can you upload the pharmacy data from my dispensing system or Pharmacy Benefit Manager?

A: Yes; CSS will establish a schedule with you for file transfers to a secure FTP site.  The data will be automatically downloaded and input into the MTMPath software.


Q: Can I have more than one user on my account?

A: Yes; you can have as many users on your account as you want.  These can be pharmacists, nurses, technicians, administrative staff, etc.


Q: Are there different permissions for different user types?  For example, if I am working with a student pharmacist on rotation, and only want them to access certain parts of the software, can I set permission rules for this? 

A: Yes; each user’s account is created with a set of permissions.  You can determine which users require what access and allowances for your business. For example, you can set a permission that prohibits a student-level staff person from deleting in the system. Or, as another example, you can prohibit a student-level staff person from completing a SOAP note.


Q: Can I run multiple clinical programs out of the MTMPath software?  For example, I want to use the software for my Part D MTM program and for a High Risk Medication program on non-MTM Eligibles.

A: Yes; MTMPath allows you to run multiple medication or disease management programs out of one account environment.  The software is flexible, allowing you to create specific SOAP notes for each program to support your program goals. Only one user login is needed to access all of your clinical programs.


Q: Do you offer a licensing and an outsourced model?

A: CSS offers three deployment options.

Internal Model

CSS’s clinicians provide comprehensive services on behalf of the managed care payer entity under the CMS Call Letter for Medicare Part D providers.  From claims integration to CMS reporting, CSS can support the entire regulatory process.

Licensing Model

Using MTMPath software, clinicians within a managed care payer entity can provide MTM reviews as required by CMS. The software guides the clinicians through a robust poly-pharmacy review using administrative claims data, provider clinical data, and member assessments. Medication action plans can be provided to both members and physicians.

Ambulatory Model

CSS can create a pharmacy network, or support an existing one currently being utilized by the managed care payer entity.

In 2013, CSS began offering specialty networks—chronic kidney disease, homecare pharmacy—to support the needs of high intensity populations.  These specialty networks can be layered on top of the existing deployment model.