MTMPath: Our Web-based MTM Software

Your Medication Management, Quality Measure Management and Population Health Management Solution

At the heart of all our Medication Therapy Management (MTM) solutions is MTMPathTM, a flexible web-based MTM software designed by clinical staff to manage MTM programs in any environment – Medicare, Medicaid, ACO, Self-Insured, Pharmacy.  MTMPathTM  is designed to facilitate high volume, reliable and efficient medication, quality measure and population health management.  MTMPathTM includes:

  • Discrete Patient Chart. The PathFinder™ platform has decomposed the patient chart into a series of evaluation modules (i.e. lab, social history, rheumatoid arthritis status, ASCVD risk, etc.). Each evaluation module is composed largely of discrete data elements which resolve to a status (e.g. mild depression, active rheumatoid arthritis, etc).  The discrete patient chart provides for, efficient documentation, robust reporting.  Every medication management program doubles as a population health effort. 
  • ETL (extraction, translation and load). The ETL system is capable of consuming any type of discrete patient data including medical and pharmacy claims, insurance eligibility, laboratory data, ADT files and discrete EHR data.
  • Identification Functionality.  Identification logic allows you to identify patients for clinical programs based on claims data, clinical data, and care gap alerts.
  • Clinical Decision Alerts. MTMPath™ contains a clinical rules engine with over 2000 Clinical Decision Alerts.  Clinical Decision Alerts notify clinicians of potential care gaps in the patients chart.  Clinical Alerts can be applied for an individual or population of patients.
  • Data Extraction. PathFinder™ includes a data extraction module allowing clients to extracted data from PathFinder™ and uploaded to client data marts for ad hoc reporting.

Your MTMPathTM Account

CSS makes  MTMPath available for licensing in either Express or Enterprise configurations.  Either way you get the same great software.  

  • MTMPathTM Express.  Perfect for the small office or pharmacy.  Any pharmacist can have a world class electronic health record to document patient assessments, personal medication records and medication action plans.
  • MTMPathTM Enterprise.  A turn-key solution for health plans, ACO’s and enterprise pharmacy installations.  Includes loading pharmacy claims, dispensing data, medical claims or lab results to build a robust patient profile.  
  • Interoperability.  In either configuration medication management clinicians can interface MTMPathTM with any electronic health record capable of producing the community standard Clinical Document Architecture (CDA).  
  • Configurable. The modular patient assessment allows MTMPathTM to be configured to a client’s specific MTM needs.  Configure MTMPath for Medicare Part D, Adherence, Behavioral Health – almost any clinical program you can think of.  The way in which data is collected and stored in MTMPath allows clients to run multiple MTM programs from a single login. 

If you like MTMPath, but don’t have the bandwidth to run an MTM program CSS can support you with its program management and clinical support.

Why Choose MTMPathTM Software?

  • We keep it simple.  MTMPath is intuitive, easy to use, and quickly compiles patient data, pharmacy claims, and other data to create a comprehensive clinical program. The patient chart is easily queriable, exportable, and reportable—allowing you to easily turn data into meaningful information. MTMPath’s user-friendly interface guides system users through data collection, patient assessment, and therapy recommendation so that all care activity is accomplished in a standardized, evidence-based manner.
  • We meet regulations. If your Medication Management program is regulated by CMS, MTMPath provides visibility into medication management process and outcomes. MTMPath is regularly updated to reflect new regulations as they are released by CMS.
  • We welcome diversity.  No matter how you envision delivering Medication Management services, CSS can configure a solution for you. Request a Demo for a basic introduction to MTMPath and learn the basics of the software.
  • We fill the gaps.  Whether we are your primary MTM provider or not, our add-on solutions may be a fit for the trouble spots your MTM program is facing. To find out more about our add-on solutions, read about them on this site, or Contact Us!