Medication Therapy Management Solutions

Medication Therapy Management Solutions

CSS provides Medication Therapy Management solutions which are flexible and configurable to your CMS submission. 

More than just software, we help manage your MTM program – in whole or in part.  If there are gaps in your program – such as low CMR completion rates, adherence rates or a struggling STAR measure – CSS will work in concert with your existing MTM efforts to give your trouble spots a boost.

And, CSS doesn’t need to be your primary MTM vendor to take advantage of our specialized solutions.

CSS offers MTM support in a number of delivery models:

  • CSS will do it all: Our team of experienced clinicians, account managers and programming technicians are capable of supporting your entire MTM program, CMS-mandated or not.
  • CSS can fill in the gaps:  We can support your specific pain points and quality measures through our targeted solutions.
  • License MTMPath and your desired solution modules: If you have the proper human resources and time but lack the proper tools to manage and monitor an MTM program, you can license MTMPath and we’ll provide the training and technical support. Request a software demo.
  • Ambulatory Model: CSS can create a pharmacy network, or support an existing one currently being utilized by the managed care payer entity. In 2013, CSS began offering specialty networks—chronic kidney disease, homecare pharmacy—to support the needs of high intensity populations. These specialty networks can be layered on top of the existing deployment model.

CSS can combine any number of these models to address your needs. Even if you already have an established MTM program addressing CMS requirements, you can still leverage CSS to address quality measures.