We automate.

CMS mandates that you provide your members’ physicians with TMRs quarterly. Doing this manually can be taxing. Completing this simple task can require many clinicians and a great deal of time to complete. CSS understands that manual completion of TMRs uses a large amount of your resources, and we have a solution to offer: automation.

We lighten your load.

CSS’s TMR solution, TMRBooster, provides an automated way to assess your members’ medication regimens, and make recommendations without using your clinical staff’s time. Evidence-based algorithms and pharmacist-informed recommendations are programmed into our software. Using our TMR solution, TMR completion is as simple as uploading claims data. And, CSS will fax recommendations to your members’ physicians, if you choose.

We let you choose.

What’s even better: you can set your TMR parameters. Before our system assesses your data, you can tell it what to look for, focusing the program on a particular disease state or medication regimen. This requires little to no additional labor or time—most parameters are already in our system!

We get the job done.

Because you are required to provide TMRs to your members’ physicians, you may be looking for a way to simplify your process. Rather than spending time and resources on TMR completion, consider automation.  TMRBooster simply and efficiently reviews your members’ data, and makes recommendations, while helping you meet CMS requirements while realizing cost savings.