AdherencePath: Your Member Adherence Solution

Consider Our Proactive Member Adherence Solution

Poor member adherence can result in hospital re-admissions, increased costs and lower CMS STAR Rating. Poor adherence happens for many reasons, but the outcomes are always the same: decreased health and safety for the member, and decreased success for the plan. 

At CSS, we know that identifying these members and educating them about their conditions and medications can be a daunting task, which is why we developed our AdherencePath solution to help plans increase adherence STAR Ratings.

But who are your non-adherent members?

Using our MTMPath software, CSS will use Medication Possession Ratios (MPRs) to identify your members who are non-adherent with their medications. We then counsel non-adherent members to improve their success by conducting a proprietary interview to assess and document their barriers to taking their medications properly, such as:

  • Misinformation about care
    (“I can skip a few days before my refill”)
  • No refills or supports
    (“I don’t know how to renew my prescription”)
  • Poor social supports
    (“I don’t have a ride to the pharmacy”)
  • Self-medicating
    (“I have side effects from this drug, so I changed my dose”)

Once we identify the barriers, our clinical staff takes concrete action to work with the member and prescribers to resolve the problems.

At CSS, we know that medications only work if they are taken, and taken properly. Our AdherencePath program helps your members take proactive steps towards learning about their medications and maintaining their health. By helping your members obtain and understand their prescriptions, we help you lower your spending while improving your adherence STAR Rating.

License MTMPathTM to Run Your Own Adherence Program

If you have the staffing resources to run your own MTM program but need the software and necessary modules to identify non-adherent members, you may license our MTMPath software and we’ll provide the technical support. Request an online demo of MTMPath today.