Medication Management

Could You Benefit From Outsourcing All or Part of Your MTM Services?

CSS is more than just an MTM software company; we also provide comprehensive MTM services for Health Plans, ACOs, PBMs and other clients looking to outsource all – or part – of their MTM or medication management programs.

Perhaps your Health Plan or PBM is managing its own Medicare Part D MTM program, but you need some assistance in completing CMRs. CSS offers a clinical team capable of providing these services, regardless of whether CSS is your primary MTM vendor or not. 

Some of CSS’ MTM services are:

  • Medicare Part D MTM
    From sending letters to participating in data validation audits, CSS can help. Learn more
  • Comprehensive Medication Reviews (CMRs)
    Increase patient engagement through non-traditional outreach methods to reach your targeted CMR completion rate. Learn more
  • Targeted Medication Reviews (TMRs)
    Take the responsibility off your clinical team by outsourcing this effort to CSS. Learn more
  • High Risk Medication Management
    CSS will identify your senior members or patients most at risk, review their treatment regimens and look for safer alternatives. Learn more
  • Adherence Programs
    CSS will identify barriers to member or patient adherence, provide counseling when appropriate, and engage prescribers in eliminating barriers to close gaps in therapy. Learn more
  • STAR Rating Improvement
    We’ll combine aspects of our CMR, adherence and high risk medication programs to provide overall STAR rating support. Learn more
  • Cost Savings Programs¬†
    CSS will help your Plan realize its full savings potential by making recommendations to your members physicians to switch them to lower-cost medication alternatives. Learn more
  • Opioid Utilization
    We’ll identify your members most at risk for opioid misuse, abuse and addition. Learn more

These services may also be leveraged by CSS clients licensing the MTMPath software to support their MTM and medication management programs.

Contact us to learn more.