Medicare Part D MTM Services

Benefit from CSS’ Medicare Part D MTM Services & Solutions

CSS’ core business is in Medicare Advantage and Part D plans. In sharing our clients’ commitment to quality we provide more than a basic, meets-requirements medication therapy management (MTM) program that could be implemented by just any MTM service provider.

Through our proprietary MTMPathTM software platform and a team of experienced clinicians and MTM professionals, CSS’ standard Part D MTM program ensures regulatory (CMS) compliance, financial ROI and quality improvement to optimize therapeutic outcomes.

Thanks to the flexibility of our MTMPath software and customizable solutions, our clients can extend their MTM programs to address non-MTM eligible members around focused issues through our add-on Medicare Part D MTM Services & Solutions such as CMRBooster, STARBooster, AdherencePath and High Risk Medication Management. These programs can be added to an existing MTM program regardless of whether CSS is your primary MTM vendor or not.

As an added benefit to our clients, CSS participates in all Data Validation Audits, from providing policy and procedure documentation to participating on conference calls.

Looking to License Our MTMPath Software?

If your Plan has the means and staffing necessary to implement your own MTM program for your eligible Part D Members, consider licensing the industry’s leading MTM software – MTMPath. Our software is fully customizable and offers add-ons to address specific quality measures. Learn more or request a demo.