High Risk Medication Management

We know the risk.

Many seniors, age 65 and older, face chronic medical conditions. In some cases, people suffer from multiple conditions. In an attempt to keep these members well, they are often prescribed numerous medications. But, some of these medications come with risks, such as dangerous side-effects or serious drug-drug interactions.

We care about your success.

Not only do we care about your senior members’ well-being, but we also care about your Plan’s success. Because High Risk Medication Management is a STAR measure, CSS has designed a program that, using your pharmacy and medical claims data, seeks out members who are taking medications with a high risk of side-effects.

We ensure safety.

You can be confident that our solution will not only successfully identify your senior members most at risk, but will also review their treatment regimen, looking for safer alternatives. Our High Risk Medication Management solution is powered by Beers recommendations. For every potentially dangerous medication, our software houses an algorithm that was created based on pharmacist expertise and Beers recommendations. You can be confident that all recommendations for improved care are made by industry experts using a standardized, accepted method.

We give you flexibility.

Because CSS offers a solution specific to High Risk Medication Management, we offer you the flexibility to focus on what’s important to you. If a STARs program, like StarBooster, is too generic to meet your needs, you can implement a program, like High Risk Medication Management, to hone in on your specific trouble spot. Like all of CSS’s offerings, this solution can work in addition to a full CSS-run MTM program, work in addition to a non-CSS-run MTM program, or stand alone.