CMRBooster: Improve CMR Completion Rates

Improve your CMR Completion Rates

CMRs create a big challenge for Health Plans now more than ever.

With the CMS’ announcement of the CMR Completion Rate Cut Points, it’s become crucial for Medicare Part D plans to give CMR completion rates more attention in order to achieve a Five STAR rating. To achieve the 76%+ to achieve a five STAR rating for this measure, plans may have to double or triple their outreach efforts, resulting in higher overhead costs.

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CSS’ CMRBooster is a cost-effective CMR service that supplements a plan’s existing telephonic or face to face model, engaging patients who have been unengaged by the plan’s traditional program. Once the traditional plan has failed to achieve a CMR, the case can be referred to the CMRBooster program where CSS’ team of clinicians will deploy a series of strategies focusing on barriers to obtaining CMRs to help your STAR Rating.

CSS does not need to be a Plan’s current MTM vendor to take advantage of this service; it can be implemented at any time and run independently from the traditional MTM program.

A Cost-Effective Solution.

Our clinical staff has boiled down the CMR script, cutting out confusing industry jargon. When we call your members, we use approachable language that members will understand. By doing this, CMRs become more efficient and purpose-focused, thus eliminating wasted time and achieving a higher number of completed CMRs in a given time frame at a lower cost. 

Reaching the (Seemingly) Unreachable.

Plans frequently encounter barriers in acquiring CMRs, such as bad data, disinterest, and opt-outs. CSS deploys proven tactics to break down these barriers to engage hard-to-reach members.

Planning Leads to Performance.

Clients who outsource their Medicare Part D MTM program to CSS can get a head start on zeroing in on a target CMR rate. Whether you are looking to supplement your 2016 plan or are already planning for the 2017 program year, CSS is ready to help you achieve every STAR you deserve.