Medicaid Health Plan

Medicaid Health Plan MTM Services & Solutions

As a Medicaid Health Plan, you know the challenges of improving the wellness and safety of your members while looking for financial savings. At CSS, we understand your difficulties, and we share your goals. We wrote our mission statement with you in mind.

The well-being of your members is of the utmost importance to us. Our medication therapy management services and solutions are pharmacist-informed, ensuring that your members’ medication regimen is safe and effective. If you choose, our skilled nurses and clinical staff will perform outreach to your members, giving them the education, empowerment, and support they need to make proactive choices about their health.

We value wellness and cost savings.

Of course, healthy and adherent members will translate into cost savings for you. If your members are taking their medications properly, and are on an allergy and interaction-free regimen, they are less likely to seek additional, preventable medical care. Fewer unplanned trips to the hospital, urgent care, or doctor’s office will mean fewer preventable costs for you. Our MTM services and solutions seek pharmacist-approved, low-cost medication alternatives for your members. This simple process will help you eliminate unnecessary costs while helping your members achieve their best health.

We give your options.

CSS offers several MTM solutions designed with the pain points of a Medicaid health plan in mind. You can build your own program by pairing together the solutions that will address the areas that need the most attention, such as adherence, formulary alignment, drug-drug interactions, and chronic disease state management.