Jim Notaro, CSS President, published in Directions in Pharmacy

Jim Notaro, RPh, PhD, is not only the Founder and President of CSS, but also an active academic. In addition to his work at CSS, Jim teaches graduate-level courses at D’Youville College, Buffalo, NY, and serves as thesis director for DYC’s Healthcare Administration program.

Now, Jim’s newest scholarly contribution, Medication Reconciliation: 2013 and Beyond, appears in Directions in Pharmacy, Pharmacy Times. Jim’s participation in both the academic and practical sects of pharmacy and healthcare is what sets him apart as a true expert. Jim is not only at the foreground of industry information; he is contributing to it, too! Through his work at CSS, DYC, and other healthcare groups, Jim uses his expertise to predict, respond to, and generate industry trends.

Congratulations on your latest publication, Jim!