Software Engineering

Software Engineering

A Message from Steve Englert, Director of Engineering, and the Software Engineering Team

It has been said that software is taking over the world.  Nowhere is this truer than in the health and medical fields.  We are working with the latest technologies to combine our team’s technical skill with our teammates’ depth of business expertise and industry thought leadership.

At CSS, we foster a positive work environment where small teams tackle big challenges for our clients in state-of-the-art systems, such as cloud infrastructure, continuous integration, expert systems, and information modeling.  We securely take your data, process it with constantly evolving artificial intelligence, pair it with human experts, and report back to you on dozens of metrics–all in a way that you can take to your own clients and partners.

Our success is in making every other team efficient, flexible, and equipped to handle the newest challenges faced by industry leaders.  Whether you work with us, or along side us, we strive to bridge the gaps, and provide everyone involved with robust, value-driven products that exceed standards, and make a reality out of ideas that were once relegated to science fiction.