Clinical Operations

Clinical Operations

A Message from the Clinical Operations Team

Clinical Operations is where the rubber meets the road! Our team delivers the administrative and clinical services that drive the success of our internally and externally managed programs. We constantly charge ourselves to attain the highest level of performance possible. This charge exists partly because we know that the health and well-being of millions of people can be positively influenced by what we do, and partly because we know that your program dollars need to carry a maximum amount of value.

Equally important to our work standards is our commitment to crafting a positive environment where employees are supported in their roles, given opportunities to develop their professional skills, and encouraged to be bold in helping CSS build its reputation as an industry leader.

Clinical Operations can provide a variety of program services, such as mail fulfillment, coordination of clinical information and care across provider systems, or other combinations of activities to meet your health program goals. Our Account Services team is always glad to hear from you, and to discuss how we can improve your programs and business.