Dual Eligible Health Plan

We know your challenges; we share your goals.

Dual Eligible Health Plan providers face the unique set of challenges that come with caring for two distinct, overlapping populations. Now, CMS expects you to expand your current MTM efforts to focus on the specific care needs of dual eligible members. By doing this, you can help your highest risk members meet their health goals, while contributing to a system-wide cost savings. At CSS, we know that when your members succeed, we all succeed. Let us help you achieve better health and delivery of services for your members according to CMS standards.

We keep your data clean.

Our web-based, comprehensive, configurable software platform will help you optimally manage the MTM process. Our software supports multiple programs in one account—helping you touch both eligible and non-eligible populations. With our MTM program, you can differentiate between your client populations, and configure unique SOAP assessments for each.

We cater to your needs.

CSS offers several unique solutions, all designed to answer the most common pain points experienced by Health Plans offering Medication Management services for their dual eligible members. Now, you can build your own program by partnering the solutions that best meet your needs together.