Commercial Health Plan

We create ROI.

Many Commercial Health Plans are seeking ways to close gaps in care, and to improve the health of their members. In many cases, Medication Management is a great way to achieve these goals. Our Medication Management solutions are user-friendly, cost efficient, and wellness and savings focused. CSS’s goals are to help you realize a positive return on investment while helping your members achieve their best health.

We are clinicians.

Our Medication Management solutions aim to ensure that your members are taking safe, allergy and interaction-free medications. All of our Medication Management solutions are pharmacist-informed—ensuring that care recommendations are clinically appropriate. If you choose, our skilled nurses and clinical staff will perform outreach for your members, providing them with the education and encouragement they need to be proactively involved in their health. When your members are taking the right medications properly, their overall wellness will improve—resulting in less preventable use of expensive emergency care options.

We set and achieve goals.

Because your Medication Management efforts are not regulated, it can be difficult to set goals, and to measure outcomes. CSS will help you define and meet the goals of your program. Our software solution is easily queriable, exportable, and reportable. All of our results are measurable. You will never have any doubt that you are meeting and exceeding your goals—and, you will have the numbers to prove it.