Accountable Care Organization (ACO)

We value your goals.

CSS, like Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), prioritizes the improvement of patient care and the decrease of care costs. We know the value of collaboration and care coordination, which is why we’ve developed solutions with your inter-disciplinary needs in mind.

We do our part, so you can do yours.

Our solutions are designed to lessen the administrative burden on your staff—especially your clinicians. Because our software uses a standard SOAP format, it will be familiar to your clinicians, making it easy to learn and use. Further, our solutions use automation, and generate reports and recommendations with little to no administrative support. Let us work behind the scenes so that your staff can focus on day-to-day operations and patient interaction.

We help you find the right fit.

We will help you focus your program efforts to your main areas of interest or concern, such as hospital readmission reduction, patient engagement, and medication coaching. Our solutions are available in several delivery models, such as licensing (you use our software to do it all yourself), delegated (you pass the work over to our clinicians), and homecare network (you invite our homecare pharmacists to make home visits to your most at-risk patients).

We share your mission.

We invite you to use our resources—both software and clinical staff—to get the job done. CSS shares many of the core ACO goals. By adding CSS to your collaboration, you can lessen the burden of back-office work, while lowering healthcare costs, and improving patient wellness.