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Your Medication Management, Quality Measure Management and Population Health Management Solution

Clinical Support Services (CSS) is a medication management, quality management and population management software and services provider.  Our proprietary PathFinderTM web-based platform is designed to facilitate high volume, reliable and efficient medication, quality measure and population health management. PathFinder™ includes:

  • Discrete Patient Chart. The PathFinder™ platform has decomposed the patient chart into a series of evaluation modules (i.e. lab, social history, rheumatoid arthritis status, ASCVD risk, etc.). Each evaluation module is composed largely of discrete data elements which resolve to a status (e.g. mild depression, active rheumatoid arthritis, etc)
  • ETL (extraction, translation and load). The ETL system is capable of consuming any type of discrete patient data including medical and pharmacy claims, insurance eligibility, laboratory data, ADT files and discrete EHR data.
  • PathFinder™’s identification functionality is capable of identifying members for clinical programs based on claims data, clinical data, and care gap alerts.
  • Clinical Decision Alerts. PathFinder™ contains a clinical rules engine. The rules contains a series of evidence based care gaps, and can be applied to the Discrete Patient Chart to identify care gaps in individual or populations of patients.
  • Data Extraction. PathFinder™ includes a data extraction module allowing clients to extracted data from PathFinder™ and uploaded to client data marts for ad hoc reporting.
  • Care Portals. PathFinder™ consists of four care portals each configured for a specific purpose
    • MTMPath™ is CSS’s flagship care portal.  Specifically configured for managing drug-related care management programs.   MTMPath™ is a leading choice for Medicare Part D MTM programs, Medicaid quality improvement programs and Employer cost containment programs. 
    • EHRPath™ is CSS’s care management portal specifically configured for general care management and quality metric improvement programs.
    • SentryPath™ is a cutting edge Care Coordination platform designed to facilitate high fidelity wrap care coordination.  SentryPath™ provides centralized care planing which can be shared with a clients care support team.  SentryPath™ integrates medical, behavioral, dental and social supports under one care coordination “roof”
    • PMRSmart™ is CSS’s patient access portal.  Engage patients in their care using PMRSmart™


The CSS Advantage

We don’t just work for our clients, we work with them. From program design to program implementation, to ROI reporting we make the success of your care program our priority.